Baby-voiced JAPANESE Heroes.

Siegfried ENG Voice

In the watch Soul Calibur fanbase there’s always that fanbase division of whether to use ENG and JAP voices. Debates like this are somewhat common in imported Japanese games and Anime. I tend to differ from game to game; for Soul Calibur I’m firmly in the ENG camp.

Siegfried the protagonist of the series is a knight who wields a big-ass Zweihander sword. He’s also a very angry man who growls a lot in a very deep, manly voice which I personally think is awesome. (In a totally heterosexual way)

Siegfried JAP Voice 

But his JAP voice sounds like a f***king child. He’s a grown-ass man who wields a sword bigger than most people; he should sound older than an eight year old. A lot of Japanese protagonists have really child-like Japanese voices.

Watching the One Piece crossover with Dragon Ball Z and Toriko; Luffy, of One Piece, is more of a teenager so I can accept his child like voice. Goku on the other hand is a grown-ass man, and his JAP voice is unbearable. I refuse to watch the Japanese version DBZ on that alone.

I usually watch anime in Japanese but not Dragon Ball Z.

I usually watch anime in Japanese but not Dragon Ball Z.

Now while this will come across and just an Angry Rant (I don’t curse this much in a blog) but I will state that I’m generally fond of Anime, Japanese Video Games and their culture in general but exactly how people are OK with this alludes me.

You notice English dubs don’t even bother with that shit because they know that won’t sell in the Western world. Think back to your childhood, would you have watched DBZ if Adult Goku still sounded like a kid? What I want to know is…What is the thought process behind that!? Is it a culture thing? I’m really sure voices of Japanese men do break at some point =P


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