Street Fighter 4 seems to be able to stand against the test of time. SF4 was first released in 2008. Five years later and it my receives a fifth edition. Ultra Street Fighter 4 was originally just thought of as a balance patch but would end up adding an additional  five new characters and six new stages. Stages are purely aesthetic in Street Fighter, unlike other fighting games, so they have no impact on actual gameplay. Four of the five new characters are Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison. In other words the only four playable characters in Street Fighter X Tekken that weren’t already featured in SF4.

Capcom get accused of “copy and paste” a lot and I’m normally one of defend them I can’t here. While there are different mechanics and animations between the games; Capcom have definitely taken the easy route with this one. The fifth character is yet to be elevated but the smart money’s on Mike Haggar of Final Fight fame. Also 2014? Why do I have wait for so long? Next-generation consoles will be out by then!

USF4 introduces 5 returning fighters. Four of them straight outta Street Fighter X Tekken university!

The announcement came accompanied with the lackluster trailer which is very unlike Capcom. Other than showing a few changes to existing moves will now work; all we saw were the new characters’ normals. Hardly exciting stuff. It’s weird way to show ’em off if you ask me. I’m always surprised by SF4’s ever-lasting popularity because there are better fighting games out there. My relationship with SF4 is like an abusive relationship. I show it nothing but love and dedication and I get alot of abuse, turmoil and frustration in return but I always go running back to it. I’m reasonably good player but Vega needs buffs. The original Street Fighter 4 was quite unbalanced. Every iteration since had slightly bridged the “top-tier” and “bottom-tier” characters but there is still work to be done.  I’ve had ever version of Street Fighter 4 so far but whether I get this depend on how their improve my main character. Who am I kidding; I’ll buy it anyway.

Give Vega buffs or I ain’t playin’

P.S.Elena’s theme remix should be sweet!


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4

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