My Thoughts on the upcoming Superman/Batman film

The logo could have been better in my opinion =P

We all know DC are playing catch-up trying to emulate Marvel’s cinematic success that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe topped off with The Avengers. DC’s finally got the ball rolling after the somewhat-successful Superman reboot Man of Steel.  While, most of us thought the follow-up would have either been a direct sequel; some even suggested jumping straight to a full-on Justice League film. Which would have been a terrible idea.  However, surprisingly DC’s announced that Man of Steel’s “sequel” would be a Superman/Batman film.

The World’s Finest will be on the big screen.

Personally, I think this is a very good move. Putting the two most iconic superheroes together of the big-screen is going to make a lot of $$$. No two other superhero team-up can create as much hype.  It’s good to see DC bringing their A-game. There’s simply no need to rush straight into a Justice League. Let the DC Cinematic Universe grow gradually. Allow the audience to become familiar with it; just as Marvel have done.This also allows for the opportunity to introduce Batman into the fray without having to go to his backstory again. Surely, everyone knows his deal by now anyway.

I do hope DC’s are considering a Flash film on the side as well as this. He and Wonder Woman deserve to have their own films before Justice League. Not too sure what to do about Green Lantern though =S


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