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Mario vs Sonic vs Megman too!!

Ever since I found out the latest Sonic game would be a Wii U exclusive I haven’t given it much attention. I gave Sonic Colours the same treatment given it was a Wii exclusive. But the worst thing about it is, that this game looks really good to me. Even the 3DS version looks good and that’s saying something. The game’s world landscape is very different, for lack of a better word, to the other flat-based landscapes of Sonic adventure but in a good way.

These worlds are a lot more open, with more emphasis of exploration and platforming. I’m also a fan of the variations between acts within Zones. It’s probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to the ill-fated Sonic X-Treme. It just a real shame I won’t be playing it anytime soon.

These Sonic Worlds are more bizarre than usual.

I have heard the button configuration is bit weird in this game. In Lost World, Sonic will run at different levels of speed depending on the player. Sonic’s default speed is pretty much walking-pace; useful for the heavy platforming sections of the game. Holding the left Trigger will enable Sonic to run faster. Figure 8 run and everything.

Lastly, holding both triggers and Sonic will perform his trademark Spin Dash. This is his fastest speed though not Unleashed-Boost-fast. I would imagine an amount of control is sacrificed in return for the excess speed which is fair game.  I have no problem with the concept of running at different speeds, in fact I’ve been suggesting this for some time now, but having to hold triggers to maintain the higher speeds seems a little awkward.

Why not have Sonic running with the thumbstick as normal and then tap say, the right trigger,  to make him go up a speed level? Then simply tap it again to Spin Dash? The left trigger could be used to go down a speed level a bit like changing gears.  Just my two cents….

Sonic, the Wisps and the Nintendo DS

I’d mentioned Sonic Colours earlier. It’s probably the only main Sonic game I have never played; well the Wii version anyway. I recently picked up Colours on the Nintendo DS and at first glance it looked just like Sonic Rush: a somewhat fun but stupidly simple game. But after the first zone at least I was pleasantly surprised.

The game wasn’t just endless boosting and a large part of that it thanks to the Wisps. Instead of doing the same ol’ stuff each level, each zone is specially catered to a Wisp power; allowing for new, unique puzzles and new challenges. There’s also the fact that the levels aren’t so simplistic anymore; and the game becomes pleasantly difficult at the end.  My point is, the Wisps are the best thing to happen to 2D Sonic gameplay since Sonic 3, so I wonder what they’ll do for 3D Sonic? The Wisps do feature in Lost World; so time will tell.

Sonic’s back in Smash. Hopefully with some new moves as well.

Smash comes Calling back

Something else to get off my chest. A couple months ago I spoke of my predictions for the third-party characters in the next Smash Bros. And well, f**king called it. It’s official. Sonic the Hedgehog has joined the roster. Given the three-game-Sonic-Nintendo-exclusive deal; this simply had to happen. There also seems to be a stage based on Lost World as well. Shameless marketing, Nintendo eh?  

Obviously I’m glad he’s in the game but am I even getting a Wii U?  Sonic in Smash was one of the requirements for that to happen but ….the console is still crappy to me. Right now I’ll only buy three games for it and miss out on all of the good games of the proper next-gen consoles.


2 thoughts on “All Recent Things SONIC

  1. the games on wii u are well made, like a whole lot better, although no guns blazing and barely any internet capabilities, u got amazing single player experience, even better co-op, and games u know are going to be great. unlike microsoft and sony


    • Funnily enough, my next article will be based on the Wii U. You might not like what I have to about it but in general, I barely care for any of the next-gen consoles.


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