Dear Netherrealm Studios, You’ve done a decent job with Injustice thus far . Considering that I’m actually going to buy Ultimate Edition; I would like some new characters and stages please.
Yours Sincerely, Nikyle.

All your DLC characters on-disc. Even Batgirl (*sigh)

All your DLC characters included! Even Batgirl ….*sigh

First of all, called it. I saw it coming. Netherrealm Studios have announced Injustice: Ultimate Edition; an updated version of the successful DC Comics fighting game Injustice. This Ultimate Edition will include the heap of DLC content released for the first edition including characters: Lobo, Martian Manhunter, General Zod, Zatanna and err…Batgirl.  Netherrealm introduced a shit-load of content after the game was released which was the exact same thing they did with the last Mortal Kombat game. And that led to Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition. It’s the same thing here.

My Injustice verdict

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based on DC Comics. Should be a match made in heaven for me right? Wrong. The game has it’s good points. It succeeds in representing DC Comics, featuring such unique ideas such as unique character traits, the Clash Sytem and environmental attacks. Good ideas but half-assed execution. A lot of these “unique traits” are very similar to one another, the controls seem a little sluggish compared to better fighting games and a lot of the fighting animations look with awkward. Fun could be had with it but I couldn’t take this as a serious fighting game.

(DC Comics + Fighting Gaming =/= Heaven??) Poor animation and awkward controls. 

Giving them more credit where it’s due, the roster is ninety-percent the right roster. No one person was ever going to get exactly who they wanted and there are a few too many Batman characters for my liking. The best thing to come out of this game however is the Injustice prequel comic which is still ongoing to this day. It is one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

DC or DLC?

On to the main point. As I said before, Netherrealm added a heap of additional characters to their original roster. Characters that were initially deemed unworthy of making the original roster but made the cut second time around. The point of this article is that I want more. There are still characters in the DC universe who should be in this game in my opinion. Netherrealm uploaded a poll a while back regarding which future characters fans would like to see in the game so I do believe even more characters will be announced for the game.

Canary to be the next revealed character?

Black Canary is a good shout. It’ll be nice to see a normal hand-to hand fighter outside of the Bat family. She would stand out in a roster full of metahumans with her infamous Canary Cry. You might have guess it by now but I don’t like Batgirl. I don’t appreciate clone characters and I feel that she’s taking Canary’s place in the roster. The roster shouldn’t be filled with too many characters from the same universe.

Captain Atom is someone I didn’t consider until he turned up in the Injustice prequel comic. Captain Atom is made up of nuclear energy so he’s moves be based on energy projection. Also, he’s one of the few superheroes who is nearly as powerful as Superman.

For me, Static is a funny one. He’s one of the lesser-used characters in the DC universe but was deemed good enough to star in his own animated series. Static and Canary are the two characters I want the most. Lastly, during the very first Injustice trailer we saw The Flash fighting someone with ice powers. Many, including me, assumed this to be Captain Cold, a Flash villain, but it turned out to be Killer Frost leaving the roster without a Flash villain.

Thinking about further I’d prefer Captain Boomerang to show up over Cold. Though in all honestly, I don’t see many of these characters making the cut. There are other characters that I foolishly hope for. Ceetah was someone I wanted from the very beginning. I loved her in Justice League Doom but abilities-wise she is pretty much Catwoman but better and English.

Static was one the top votes in Netherrealm’s character poll.

The grand DC Stages

While good variety of character representation; the stages variety is lacking. Every stage is rather awfully grey; even Wonder Woman’s Themesryica which is supposed to be a beautiful island utopia. It’s like Netherrealm never had a colour palette to work with. Then there were some poorer choices, Ferris Aircraft and how many Batman stages does one need?

The Flash never  got a stage of his own so I though of The Flash Museum. The stage could be littered with Flash gadgets or Flash Rogues weaponry. Perhaps the Flash Rogues could make cameos themselves. Lastly, I think Darkseid’s Apokolips would be a cool stage. Distinctly fiery and bright red, Apokolips would provide the game with some much needed colour.

The Flash Museum as it appears in DC Universe Online. It would make for a great stage.

For those who are interested; here was my original wishlist for the original roster.


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