Why the GREEN LANTERN Movie sucked

Green Lantern new Banner

This film was supposed to prove that, outside of Supes and Bats, other DC heroes were ready for the silver screen .

How many Marvel superheroes have had successful live-action films I ask you? Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and the X-Men.  Marvel have been making DC look silly. DC on the other hand have been ever-reliant on their two big guns: Superman and Batman.

In 2011 DC attempted to show the world that they do actually have more heroes under their belt and released a Green Lantern film. Only problem was that movie was bad. Not even a little bad but very bad. The movie barely made profit and was very painful to watch. So what exactly went wrong?

The wrong Green Lantern?

“If John Stewart was Green Lantern the movie would have been much better.”

I bring this up first because I’ve heard this too many times. Personally, I don’t know how a thought process could be more ignorant. If the movie had the exact same plot with Stewart instead of Jordan then it would have sucked just the same. The character chosen wasn’t at fault here it was the boring plot and poor directing.

On a side note, the reason my friend wanted John Stewart is because he wanted an ethnic hero taking lead. While I get that; fans and writers always go about it the wrong way. Personally, I do not want nor would care for a black version of an already-established, okay-as-they-are character. I would want a black hero to be an original concept like Static. We need more of that.

The “Green Lantern” is not just one person; but an intergalactic police force made up of officers galaxy-wide.

How it Should Have Ended…Started…And In-Between-ed

Now I’m sure everyone has their own reasons as to why this film failed for them. Some blame the acting and the actors chosen, others blame the poor-use of CGI, the choice of Hal Jordan and while I don’t disagree some of those the main reason for me is largely the lackluster plot. It’s simply a borefest.

Minutes running but nothing happening. And when something mildly interesting does occur it’s not like it was “worth waiting for” and doesn’t making up for the previous 30 minutes of boredom.  Then there’s the films poor choice of villains. Parallax and Hector Hammond. One is a fearsome blob in the middle of space with 0% personality who barely appears and the other does put up much of fight.

This is a good template for a Green Lantern film.

This would be a good template for a Green Lantern film. Better luck next time.

The Green Lantern stories aren’t too dis-similar from the Star Wars sagas. A Green Lantern origin-story should be about a reckless Hal Jordan whisking off the space, visiting various planets fighting with evil aliens with Kilowog and the gang, eventually trying to frame some responsibility into his own life to return a… slightly better man. But none of that doesn’t happens.

Instead we get a film that’s mostly set on Earth, with either Hal or Hector whining about their lives or something. There are a few positives. Kilowog and Sinestro played their parts well, Hal’s character and I enjoyed the action scenes as few there were. Kilowog’s training session was the best part of the film. It doesn’t get any better than that. The Green Lantern constructs look really good in CGI besides GL’s facemask.


6 thoughts on “Why the GREEN LANTERN Movie sucked

  1. ‘”If John Stewart was Green Lantern the movie would have been much better.’ I bring this up first because I’ve heard this from a couple of my friends. Personally, I don’t know how a thought process could be more ignorant”

    I could not have said this better myself. I completely agree. Hal Jordan as the introduction to GL was the best thing they could’ve done. The problem was that the film just had way too many problems all around it. As a GL fan myself, I wanted this movie to succeed because if it had, it would’ve opened the door for Gardner, Stewart and Rayner. In addition,it really does suck but Marvel is just killing it against DC in live action feature films. HOWEVER, DC has consistently been putting out amazing animated features.


    • Yeah, other Lanterns could have joined in the sequel. Still, DC live cation are improving on the whole with the Batman films and Man of Steel. Also, I loved Hal in Justice League War. =)


      • I thought it was ok. It’s not the best film I’ve ever seen and I’ll probably only watch it once a year\when its on TV. People who were ragging on it didn’t give it a chance and were just doing it as other people were too.


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