WRESTLEMANIA 30 Feud Building

Will Brock Lesnar be the one to the finally end Undertaker’s 21-0 streak at Wrestlemania? We already know the answer to that.

Brock Lensar vs Undertaker: Premature Escalation 

Firstly, Called it! Undertaker returns once a year for Wrestlemania but there were very few WWE Superstars on the current roster who would serve as a new and worthy challenger to break Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemainia streak. The only two big enough Superstars in my book are Brock Lensar and John Cena and it was heavily hinted that Cena would feud with the Wyatt Family leaving Lesnar to be the only candidate.

And while Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker is certainly a match that will sell tickets; my only concern is how quickly it was set up. Brock Lensar and Paul Heyman cut a promo about their newly acquired contract allowing them to take on any challenger at Wrestlemania 30. After a couple of minutes Undertaker, who hadn’t appeared in the WWE for almost a year, returned to accept the open challenge which ended with Lesnar being chokeslammed through the table.

This is all good stuff but the “feud” had only started literally about five minutes ago. The whole thing may have climaxed too soon if you ask me and I don’t see how they’re genna top that in the coming weeks.

Undertaker chokeslams Brock Lesnar 5 minutes into their feud. I don’t see how they’re genna top that in the coming weeks.

The problem is that this match is a forgone conclusion. Everyone knows Undertaker is winning. ‘Taker doesn’t lose at ‘Mania and Brock Lesnar, a guy who once ditch the WWE after they spent millions on him, is not going to be the one to change that. So the question is how do they at least make Lesnar seems like a credible challenger?

Me the Booker

Here’s how I would have done it, starting off the same way, Paul Heyman, on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar, announces their Wrestlemania open challenge but that no one on the current roster is good enough to challenge him. He states that Lesnar wants “to make history”, ” to be the best”, “do what no one has ever done” and then he calls out the Undertaker right there and then for a Wrestlemania match and a chance to break the streak…but the Undertaker doesn’t show.

Each week Lesnar is challenged by a popular babyface : Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, “The World-Strongest Man” Mark Henry, perhaps even Cena or a returning Big Show but they all lose to Lesnar. After every match, Lesnar again challenges the Undertaker but ‘Taker the doesn’t show much to the dismay of the fans.

You have to build up Lesnar to have the fans believe that he can possibly take out the Undertaker at Wrestlemania otherwise this is genna be a boring feud.

Eventually, Heyman and Lesnar cut a promo on how The Undertaker is scared of Lesnar and scared of losing his undefeated streak. They get a lot of heat for it. “Undertaker’s an old man, he’s past it wile Lesnar is still in his prime”. They mention how Lesnar took out the Big Show and that Lesnar has beaten ‘Taker before. None of these are exactly lies. “Maybe Taker is scared of Lesnar.” “Maybe Taker is past it now. He hasn’t wrestled in a year” “Maybe he can’t beat Lesnar” “Will ‘Taker show up at Wrestlemania”. 

Finally , Lensar and Heyman issue a challenge to the Undertaker one final time, contract signing set-up and everything, and then the lights go out and you know what happens next. After weeks of being called out and trash-talked by Heyman and Lesnar, Undertaker appears out of nowhere and chokeslams either Lesnar or Heyman through a god dammed table. Challenge accepted! The match is on!

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Batista

Yeah,you read that right. Everyone knows that the main event of Randy Orton vs Batista is a joke. I have no problem with Orton but Batista, who’s a s**t wrestler to be begin with coming back after 4/5 year absence to  win the Royal Rumble shouldn’t happen.

The main event can't stay how it is. Currently, it's a joke.

The main event can’t stay how it is. Currently, it’s a joke.

It clearly hasn’t sat well with the fans. Batista gets booed out of the building every show worse than Cena does. Even the heel champion is getting more love. WWE had no choice but to turn Batista heel but surely two heels can’t main event Wrestlemania. This match needs desperately needs saving.

Throw in Daniel Bryan, and make it a Triple Threat match. Daniel Bryan is the most popular man in the WWE right now. Many believe Bryan should have won the Royal Rumble but I believe the best time for Bryan is becoming WWE champion is Wrestlemania. They’ve been teasing it for half a year now. It would be a much bigger moment for him and for everyone to finally do it at “the biggest stage of them all”.

They’re hinting a match between Bryan and Triple H for Wrestlemania and that feud doesn’t have to completely die. This Orton-Batista feud reeks of Evolution so inevitably Triple H will get his nose involved. The Championship Main Event of Randy Orton v Batista simply cannot stay the way it is. It needs saving and Bryan is the best man to do it. He then goes on to win the WWE title and that’s the bottom line because!


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