JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

“Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to tell the difference.” The film starts of with a young Barry Allen chasing after cars on the motorway trying to hitch a ride after being stranded on a motorway. “So much irony here” I thought to myself. “I’m already in love with this film already”.

This world has never heard of Superman, Hal Jordan was never given a Green Lantern ring and Bruce Wayne was shot that night in Crime Valley. Barry Allen has woken up in a world where he has lost his powers but has to race races time to put things right before Wonder Woman and Aquaman start World War 3!

Contains light spoilers..

Over the past decade, DC  have been more than reluctant to make anything non-Superman or Batman related but now Flash has been handed a starring role! While this isn’t a Flash movie meaning Flash set in Flash’s city with Flash’a black log of characters fighting Flash villians mean it’s not exactly set in Central City with Flash villains it’s a start.

Flash has finally been given a starring role in a feature film. Pressure on Barry!

Over to you, Allen

Not all fans have been accepting since Barry took back the mantle as the Flash from Wally West but this is Barry Allen’s chance to prove himself. He’s not the most naturally charismatic lead like a Bruce Wayne or a Hal Jordan so I can understand the challenge in giving him the lead role but despite this Barry is a likeable protagonist at least.

At time he sounds quite monotone which doesn’t help; particularity at the start of the film and I feel his VA, Justin Chambers, could try harder at times. Where Barry falls short Flashpoint Batman more than makes up for it. This world’s Batman is even more dark. He’s violent, he’s an alcoholic and is even willing to kill.

Flash and Flashpoint Batman make a great good-cop/bad-cop duo.

The two charactersides fit very well together. Their differences complement one another as they fall into that good-cop, bad-cop catergory. I love how condescendingly blunt Batman is. He has some great lines but at times you feel Batman is trying to steal the spotlight.

If you were to think “where’s [insert character] in this world?”; chances are he or she character will show up at some point. There are neat little cameo’s scattered throughout the movie. Green Lantern’s is my favorite.

To say the action in Flashpoint Paradox are epic. Aquaman is playing no games!

A Whole New World

The world of Flashpoint is one ever-present with gloom and doom. The film shifts back and forth between the ongoing events all over the world. There’s always something going on. Flashpoint Paradox is a definitely one DC’a grittier films in both in storyline and art. Whether it’s Gotham, Central City or war-torn Europe it’s borderline apocalyptic especially when compared to the bright colours of DC’s previously animated film Superman Unbound.

There has definately been better looking films and despite some questionable character designs, Looking at you Superman, Flashpoint visually is on-point overall and everyone important looks the part.

Flashpoint Paradox is certainly one of DC’s more darker films.

Reverse-Flash is just a joy to watch. C. Thomas Howell has a cunningslow-placed delivery that sends chills up your spine. Reverse-Flash may hate his positive counterpart, obsessively, but has a rather relaxed demeanor about it. Preferring to stay one step ahead rather than act on impulse. He’s quite very much the troll.

Lastly, the action scenes are fantastic and final act/ all out brawl is epic. What is truly brilliant is that every fight scene comes across as fresh and that stems comes from the diverse set of characters and their unique fighting abilities. Everyone fights everyone. Whether it’s two brawlers, two hand-to-hand combatants, gunmen, speedsters or some combination of those; the action adapts and impresses all the same.


Final Verdict: Excellent 

Standout Characters: Flashpoint Batman, Reverse-Flash

The Flashpoint Paradox contains some serious action, packed alongside with relative emotional context and finished off with much-appreciated fan service to create one awesome package. It’s definitely one of DC’s more grittier movies and it’s refreshing to see a different take on such well-established characters.

Take note DC, Flash can handle the starring role. In conclusion, Flashpoint Paradox is a thrilling watch from start to finish and has the best finale that I’ve seen in a long time! Be sure to check out my next DC AOL review. Justice League War! 


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