5 Unpopular DRAGON BALL Z Opinions

Z Fighters

Dragon Ball Z is an anime that almost 90s kids loved. Not only did it achieve legendary status in Japan; DBZ catapulted the Anime genre in the West. But was it that perfect show we all thought it was as kids? Certainly not. Whether or not our standards for entertainment were lower in our younger years or that fact that we have so much choice of anime now days; it’s definitely safe to say DBZ did had its flaws. And since everyone loves lists….

1: Frieza is DBZ’s Greatest Villain 

These day everyone seems to love their villains just as much as their heroes. Look out character like The Joker or Loki. Just as loved as their hero counterparts. Names like Broly, Kid Buu and Cell first come to mind when it comes to DBZ’s most popular villians. However, did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe Frieza is the epitome of DBZ villains?

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WRESTLEMANIA 30 Feud Building

Will Brock Lesnar be the one to the finally end Undertaker’s 21-0 streak at Wrestlemania? We already know the answer to that.

Brock Lensar vs Undertaker: Premature Escalation 

Firstly, Called it! Undertaker returns once a year for Wrestlemania but there were very few WWE Superstars on the current roster who would serve as a new and worthy challenger to break Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemainia streak. The only two big enough Superstars in my book are Brock Lensar and John Cena and it was heavily hinted that Cena would feud with the Wyatt Family leaving Lesnar to be the only candidate.

And while Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker is certainly a match that will sell tickets; my only concern is how quickly it was set up. Brock Lensar and Paul Heyman cut a promo about their newly acquired contract allowing them to take on any challenger at Wrestlemania 30. After a couple of minutes Undertaker, who hadn’t appeared in the WWE for almost a year, returned to accept the open challenge which ended with Lesnar being chokeslammed through the table.

This is all good stuff but the “feud” had only started literally about five minutes ago. The whole thing may have climaxed too soon if you ask me and I don’t see how they’re genna top that in the coming weeks.

Undertaker chokeslams Brock Lesnar 5 minutes into their feud. I don’t see how they’re genna top that in the coming weeks.

The problem is that this match is a forgone conclusion. Everyone knows Undertaker is winning. ‘Taker doesn’t lose at ‘Mania and Brock Lesnar, a guy who once ditch the WWE after they spent millions on him, is not going to be the one to change that. So the question is how do they at least make Lesnar seems like a credible challenger?

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Wii U’s Suffering


The Wii U has not had the easiest of times.

A lot has been said of Nintendo’s Wii U console and now it’s my turn to put in my Two Pence. The Wii U is the follow-up to the highly successful Nintendo Wii console.  The Wii was the highest-selling console of the last generation but the Wii U has been anything but a success thus far.

Sales have not met Nintendo’s expectations to the point where executives have had to take major pay cuts, seemingly every week a major third-party developer voices its reluctance to support the console and, perhaps most importantly, the Wii U is on the verge of being overtaken by both the PS4 and Xbox One. Put simply the Wii U is not in good shape.

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TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 2013/14 Half-Season Review


While I am a huge fan of football; I tend to refrain from writing about it in this blog for various reasons. This is probably a one-off. We’ll see how it goes.

Never a dull moment at Tottenham; that’s for sure. We are exact half-way through of the season now, having played 19 games meaning we have played every team once, and things have changed a lot from the start of the season. The biggest change being change of manager. We’ve gone from AVB to Tim Sherwood. While, I’m still unsure about whether that was the right decision of not, 7 goals in 3 games under Sherwood has been a good return and I have enjoyed watching Tottenham more in these recent games. But can we say it’s been a good start to the season?

I’m sure most of our fans would say no. We are 7th in the table with a negative goal difference. Being disappointed with that position alone shows how far we’ve come in the past decade. At the start of the season, us Spurs were aiming for a Top 4 place, which would mean qualifying for the champions league, and we are currently 3 places off 4th. Personally, at the start of the season, I predicted us finishing, 5th again, behind Chelsea, City, Woolwich and United in that order. There was a better opportunity to finish 4th last year in my opinion. While we’ve had a couple of thrashings, the media on our back and a manger’s sacking, statistics suggest this season hasn’t been as bad as we think. Continue reading

Returning to Convict Conditioning!!

Returning to Convict Conditioning!!.

If you follow this blog; you may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded a post in almost 2 months. I’ve been travelling around the world. First, I went to Jamaica for my grandmother’s 70th birthday for 3 weeks and after that I went travelling around Thailand for a month (which was one of the best things I’ve ever done). Now before that I wasn’t doing much in life but I was vigorous with my Convict Conditioning training but when aboard; I barely worked out.


The Prodigal Son Returns: My THAILAND Experiece

“Nikyle, This doesn’t really fit here.”

“I know but where else to put it? It’s going on Tumblr as well.”

“Yeah but isn’t this blog about comics and fighting games?”

“There’s other stuff too. It wouldn’t hurt to branch out anyway. And actually this blog is about me. Me and my views and opinions on the things that I like in this world.”

Pretty much went over all over this mother’.

Ignoring that little schizophrenic episode; I haven’t made a single post in nearly 2 months. Well comrades, I’ve been busy travelling around the world. First, I took a 3-week holiday to my motherland that is Jamaica for my grandmother’s 70th. And then I embarked on a 4-week country tour around Thailand and, honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Admittedly, I was sh***ing bricks beforehand. I’d never considered myself to be a traveller at all. For this reason, I went with a tour group of randomers and they turned out to be some pretty cool people. We travelled almost all over the country.  From the Southern city of Bangkok to the Northern outskirts of Chang Mai back to the Burmese Western Border and then to the southern islands that is Koh Tao and Koh Phangan; home to the infamous Full Moon Party.

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Baby-voiced JAPANESE Heroes.

Siegfried ENG Voice

In the watch Soul Calibur fanbase there’s always that fanbase division of whether to use ENG and JAP voices. Debates like this are somewhat common in imported Japanese games and Anime. I tend to differ from game to game; for Soul Calibur I’m firmly in the ENG camp.

Siegfried the protagonist of the series is a knight who wields a big-ass Zweihander sword. He’s also a very angry man who growls a lot in a very deep, manly voice which I personally think is awesome. (In a totally heterosexual way)

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