JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

“Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to tell the difference.” The film starts of with a young Barry Allen chasing after cars on the motorway trying to hitch a ride after being stranded on a motorway. “So much irony here” I thought to myself. “I’m already in love with this film already”.

This world has never heard of Superman, Hal Jordan was never given a Green Lantern ring and Bruce Wayne was shot that night in Crime Valley. Barry Allen has woken up in a world where he has lost his powers but has to race races time to put things right before Wonder Woman and Aquaman start World War 3!

Contains light spoilers..

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The NEW 52 Presents: Damaged DC Heroes

My family doesn’t really approve of me reading comics at the age of 21. They laugh, they say comics are for kids and that I need to grow up. Really? I wouldn’t say these stories are made for kids….

The New 52 – In the new, Out with the undies

The New 52 – DC’s mega re-launch of its 60-year plus universe. The aim is to modernize and refresh its well-established characters which had been burden by long and complex back-stories to a new and fresh audience. DC wants to reinvent itself in an effort to incite new readers. The New 52 has made some significant changes and no character, no matter how big, was exempt. Anyone seen underpants lately?

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