How to Make a SUPERMAN game

Despite being the world’s most iconic superhero, Superman is also infamous for his terrible games. While Batman has had much success with his Arkham and LEGO respective series’, the last Superman game we’ve had, Superman Returns, wasn’t very good. Batman’s abilities are suited to conventional gaming mechanics as opposed to Superman game-breaking ones but if done correctly a Superman game can be just as good as the Arkham titles.


Whenever I would play Arkham City I felt like I was Batman. That’s the kind of feeling this game need to create.

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Can a SUPERMAN Game Work?

Will a Superman game ever be as good as Arkham city?

Ever played a good Superman game? Me neither but why is that? Batman’s had much success in the video game world and DC have had successes from DC Universe Online titles the versus fighting game Injustice. However when it comes to Superman things just don’t go as well. While they have tired, many times, Superman is well-known for having a terrible relationship with games and Superman 64 is widely considered to be the worst video game of all time. So what’s the problem? Continue reading