Every fighting game fan remembers where they were when two of Japan’s biggest fighting franchises announced the biggest crossover of all time! The likes of Ryu and Chun Li facing of against Jin and the Mishima clan was something of a dream. Fast forward a few years later and Street Fighter X Tekken is rarely spoken of and pretty much shunned by the fighting game community. The fact that Capcom went back to release another edition of Street Fighter 4  just proves how unpopular SFXT has become. Continue reading



Your resident weapons-based fighting game series is back. Though SoulCalibur 5 was originally released in February 2012; it took a recent Xbox Live sale for me to pick this up. The recurring theme in SoulCalibur 5 is change. About only half the previous roster return and some Street Fighter 2D Fighter features have been thrown into the mix. The SoulCalibur devs’ have never been afraid to introduce or alter core game elements in the past and that’s evident here.

A New Tale of Souls and Swords…

Soul Calibur 5 is set 17 years after Soul Calibur 4. So SC5  hosts a “new generation” of fighters; meaning many fan favourites have either been replaced or removed completely. Poor Yun-Seng. Whether it’s successors such as Natsu, Xiba and Leixia or completely new fighters such as Z.W.E.I and Viola . These newbies come with distinctive styles of play. One might even say gimmicky.

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The Obstacles to FIGHTING GAMES

“Button Bashing”? Wrong. Fighters can be the most intimidating, strategic competitive games around.

Fighting Games can be the most enjoyable and competitive games around but they are also becoming increasingly inaccessible for newcomers Armed with several complex features they have put off several casual gamers in the process.

Recently, “the saviors of the gaming world”, IGN, posted a “Fighting Game for Beginners” guide advising gamers new to fighting games as to which games were “novice-friendly” and which games that were not. Bear in mind this guide was a meant for newcomers who want to play fighting games casually not competitively. And with that in mind, Gaming Experts (*ahem) IGN have made complete mess of things as usual.

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It’s Virtua Fighter’s 20th anniversary, the granddaddy of all 3D fighting games, which first stormed across our arcades in December 1993 but I’m surprised Sega even remembered to be honest. It’s not like Sega are known for using their vast catalog of franchises these days. VF was a big deal in the 90s but can you still say the series is still going on strong today?

VF 20th

So far all we’ve really got is this snazzy logo. I appreciate VF1-polygon Akira but is this it? Namco will go big on Tekken’s upcoming 20th. Believe that.

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Dear Netherrealm Studios, You’ve done a decent job with Injustice thus far . Considering that I’m actually going to buy Ultimate Edition; I would like some new characters and stages please.
Yours Sincerely, Nikyle.

All your DLC characters on-disc. Even Batgirl (*sigh)

All your DLC characters included! Even Batgirl ….*sigh

First of all, called it. I saw it coming. Netherrealm Studios have announced Injustice: Ultimate Edition; an updated version of the successful DC Comics fighting game Injustice. This Ultimate Edition will include the heap of DLC content released for the first edition including characters: Lobo, Martian Manhunter, General Zod, Zatanna and err…Batgirl.  Netherrealm introduced a shit-load of content after the game was released which was the exact same thing they did with the last Mortal Kombat game. And that led to Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition. It’s the same thing here.

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Virtua Fighter’s AKIRA YUKI

You’re looking for some new games to kill some time and you see a game named ‘Virtua Fighter’. You’ve only vaguely heard of Virtua Fighter but you know its a fighting game and decided to give it a go. Plus the guy on the front cover looks suspiciously like Ryu from Street Fighter. So you pop the game in, picking the Ryu-looking fighter. Ryu was always been one of the easier characters in Street Fighter to use so this guy should be a safe bet plus he’s on the cover so he’s gotta be good right?

You don’t really know the controls of this game but when the round started to start hitting some buttons hoping for the best but, very quickly, things are not going your way. At most you can pull-off a weak two-hit punch combination, a slow kick attack maybe and crouching kick and a elbow attack. Why is this character so slow? Your opponent seems to be much faster than you. This character sucks.

–Many’s first experience with Virtua Fighter

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Street Fighter 4 seems to be able to stand against the test of time. SF4 was first released in 2008. Five years later and it my receives a fifth edition. Ultra Street Fighter 4 was originally just thought of as a balance patch but would end up adding an additional  five new characters and six new stages. Stages are purely aesthetic in Street Fighter, unlike other fighting games, so they have no impact on actual gameplay. Four of the five new characters are Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison. In other words the only four playable characters in Street Fighter X Tekken that weren’t already featured in SF4. Continue reading