Every fighting game fan remembers where they were when two of Japan’s biggest fighting franchises announced the biggest crossover of all time! The likes of Ryu and Chun Li facing of against Jin and the Mishima clan was something of a dream. Fast forward a few years later and Street Fighter X Tekken is rarely spoken of and pretty much shunned by the fighting game community. The fact that Capcom went back to release another edition of Street Fighter 4  just proves how unpopular SFXT has become. Continue reading


The Obstacles to FIGHTING GAMES

“Button Bashing”? Wrong. Fighters can be the most intimidating, strategic competitive games around.

Fighting Games can be the most enjoyable and competitive games around but they are also becoming increasingly inaccessible for newcomers Armed with several complex features they have put off several casual gamers in the process.

Recently, “the saviors of the gaming world”, IGN, posted a “Fighting Game for Beginners” guide advising gamers new to fighting games as to which games were “novice-friendly” and which games that were not. Bear in mind this guide was a meant for newcomers who want to play fighting games casually not competitively. And with that in mind, Gaming Experts (*ahem) IGN have made complete mess of things as usual.

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It’s Virtua Fighter’s 20th anniversary, the granddaddy of all 3D fighting games, which first stormed across our arcades in December 1993 but I’m surprised Sega even remembered to be honest. It’s not like Sega are known for using their vast catalog of franchises these days. VF was a big deal in the 90s but can you still say the series is still going on strong today?

VF 20th

So far all we’ve really got is this snazzy logo. I appreciate VF1-polygon Akira but is this it? Namco will go big on Tekken’s upcoming 20th. Believe that.

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Don’t dumb down my TEKKEN

Tekken Revolution – Let’s not start a trend.

Tekken Revolution is a free digital title  exclusively for the PS3. Revolution has brought several changes to that of Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2. Bounds have been removed completely and super arts and RPG elements have been added. The question is does Tekken really need this?

While I’ve previously voiced my distaste for such changes alot of Tekken fans have praised the game for being less of a “juggle-fest” and even preferring Revolution to Tekken Tag 2. They claim to see Tekken Revolution as a return to the old-school Tekken 5-era formula. Needlessly to say, I do not agree. Revolution  seems like a dumbed-down Tekken to me to be honest.

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